Kong Edits

Welcome to King Edits!

We at Kong Edits are a small team specializing in editing photos and videos, as well as photography of bicycles.

The easiest thing for you and us would be to send us an email on edits@kongdesignz.com , or a DM on our instagram.

If you wish to pre-ograph your bike, we can do this as well. Here we also talk a little more costs than photo/video editing.


Editing image - 2,5 €

Editing video - 10 € deposit (price may vary)

Photography - 5 € deposit (price may vary)


                Before:                                                         After:



Prices may vary depending on the situation. If the photo is taken on meets or rideouts it is NOK 50,- per picture, but when travelling it will lead to a higher price. Video editing price determines depending on how long the video should be, €10,- will be paid in advance.


Editing photos will usually take a little less time than editing videos. This also depends on how many photos, or how long video you want. We will take as long as we need until the customer themselves says they are satisfied.

So here we are talking real and professional work. We use professional applications such as ADOBE PHOTOSHOP. These are programs that are more advanced than the usual ones you will find on the appstore on your mobile phone.