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Lectron Billetron 38 (125-300cc)

Lectron Billetron 38 (125-300cc)

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Ez tuning kit

The BILLETRON 38 gives riders a jump up in performance capability while continuing in the simplicty and techology of Lectron heritage. Gain performance, lose the jets. The BILLETRON 38 builds on the existing two fuel circuit system of the legacy Lectron products. Continuing with Lectron Metering Rod Technology and the Adjustable Power Jet fuel circuit for top end fuel adjustment, the BILLETRON™ 38 mechanically adjusts to your elevation changes and weather conditions while giving flexibiliy to adjust top end fuel, delivering optimal peak performance. The BILLETRON™ 38 differentiates itself in the re-designed air flow and fuel dynamics that are specifically engineered to maximize air flow and velocity in 125cc-300cc two strokes. This results in a significant increase in torque and performance with improved bottom end throttle response. If you're looking for performance and simplicity, the BILLETRON™ 38 is for you.

Key Features: 

  • Re-designed bore for air flow and velocity optimzation in 125cc-300cc two strokes
  • Two fuel circuits: Metering rod - Power jet
  • OEM Ready - Use your OEM throttle cable and throttle
  • Fuel Drain Plug
  • DIY rebuild capability - change gaskets, o-rings, and other parts in your garage
  • 30 Day Guarantee    



  • Significant bottom end hit - Torque and HP increases 
  • Increased acceleration - Peak torque availability at lower RPM ranges for unmatched power availability
  • Faster power jet activation - Meaningful increase in CFM, signals activation earlier increasing top end performance and fine tunability 
  • Improved Idle - Centralized and focused air flow to the fuel signal creating improved idle consistency 
  • Increased fuel economy of 30%


  • Set it and forget it! - Dial in your bike and allow the technology to mechanically compensate for air property changes. Drop the complexity of jetting your carburetor.
  • Adjustable power jet – easy, on the track tuning, for mid to wide open fuel delivery. Adapt to the technicality, and rider preference, of each track without sacrificing performance across all throttle positions
  • Improved Idle - Centralized and focused air flow to the fuel signal creating improved idle consistency


  • 30 Day Guarantee: Buy it & rip it - If you dont love it, contact our support team within 30 days of purchase and get your money back 
  • 1-Year Product Warranty 
  • Available Technical Support throughout the Lectron journey. Let us help you get the most out of your machine! 

 What is included?


  • BILLETRON 38 Carburetor 
  • Quick Tuning Guide flyer 
  • BILLETRON Tuning & Installation QR Code stickers 

**BILLETRON 38 Utilizes the OEM Throttle Cable

***If you have a 'slip in' throttle cable, you will need to order the cable adapter - 'Slip In' Cable Adapter



  • (2) Easy turn top cap thumb screws
  • (1) Metering rod adjustment tool


  • (1) Anodized carburetor body 
  • (1) Anodized top cap 
  • (1) Anodized bowl bracket


  • Yamaha YZ125/250Honda CR125-250 (older models may require long body)
  • KTM/Husq 125/300 (all carbureted two stroke models applicable)
  • Gas Gas/Reiju 250-300
  • Kawasaki KX125/250*
  • Sherco 250/300
  • Suzuki RM125/250**
  • Honda CR125/250*
  • Beta 250-300 (including RR/Race Edition)

* = Older production models may require 90mm long body Billetron 

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