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Lectron BILLETRON™ PRO 38 (125cc-300cc)

Lectron BILLETRON™ PRO 38 (125cc-300cc)

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Introducing the BILLETRON™ PRO-SERIES 38: A groundbreaking carburetor that redefines two-stroke performance for 125cc-299cc motors. With innovative design and precise engineering, experience unprecedented torque, horsepower, and rideability gains. The PRO SERIES boasts tailored air flow, velocity dynamics, and three adjustable fuel circuits for optimal coordination. Instant fuel activation and quick screw adjustments make it the most powerful choice available. Take charge of your two-stroke's performance and adapt effortlessly to upgrades.



1. Cutting-Edge Torque Jet: This feature redefines the way fuel delivery is synchronized with air flow. The performance gains achieved through the Torque Jet, in combination with the proven metering rod technology's enhanced atomization and the dynamic top-end fuel adjustability of the power jet, result in the ability to harmonize fuel delivery with air flow, resulting in unprecedented power and torque gains. The Torque Jet acts as an additional layer of performance enhancement, synergizing with existing features to create an exhilarating and responsive riding experience.

2. Tailored Bore Design: The PRO-SERIES 38 sets a new standard with its meticulously engineered bore design. Carefully crafted to maximize air flow and velocity dynamics to your engines capacity, this design caters to the specific volumetric capabilities of 125cc-299cc. At every position, the carburetor optimizes air intake, translating into consistent and abundant power across the entire RPM range. This strategic design sets the stage for exceptional rideability and unbeatable power output.

4. Ready Active Fuel Circuits: The PRO-SERIES ensures uninterrupted response by maintaining fuel circuits in a state of readiness. Through vacuum activation, the fuel circuits remain consistently primed, mitigating any possibility of dead spots when transitioning between multiple throttle positions. This rider oriented design erases the lag often encountered in conventional setups, delivering precise throttle response. Whether tackling the track or navigating challenging terrain, the PRO-SERIES provides big power and unfailing predictability in every riding scenario.

3. Enhanced Needle and Seat: The PRO-SERIES incorporates an updated needle and seat mechanism. This enhancement ensures excellent sealing and heightened resistance, mitigating fuel leakage and optimizing fuel atomization. With improved fuel control, the carburetor maintains precise fuel delivery even under demanding conditions, contributing to consistent performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

The BILLETRON™ PRO-SERIES represents the pinnacle of two-stroke carburetor technology, where each feature has been meticulously engineered to provide ground breaking performance, adaptability, and rider control. It's a harmonious integration of advancements that collectively elevate the riding experience to unbeatable heights.



Initial tuning Your PRO-SERIES Carburetor
Dialing in your bike has never been easier. The BILLETRON™ PRO-SERIES carburetor is a straightforward process designed to optimize your engine's performance, completed quickly.

Fuel Circuit Adjustments
Tuning your PRO-SERIES involves simple adjustments to specific fuel circuits based on your throttle position. Each circuit is tailored to a specific throttle range, allowing you to precisely fine-tune the fuel delivery:

Metering Rod: Adjust for 0-5% Throttle (idle RPM)
Torque Jet: Adjust for 10%-50% Throttle
Power Jet: Adjust for 55%-100% Throttle

Fine-Tuning Torque Jet and Power Jet
The Torque Jet and Power Jet can be easily adjusted by turning their respective screws:

Turning the jet screw in will decrease the amount of fuel.
Turning the jet screw out will increase the amount of fuel.

Adjusting the Metering Rod
The metering rod controls fuel delivery during idle RPM and low throttle ranges. Fine-tuning the metering rod is done by adjusting its length:

Turning the metering rod in (shortening) will increase fuel delivery.
Turning the metering rod out (lengthening) will decrease fuel delivery.

User-Centric Tuning
While initial tuning ensures optimal performance, it's worth noting that further adjustments are typically not required for day-to-day riding. However, if you wish to tailor your carburetor to specific riding conditions or preferences, you have the freedom to make fine adjustments as needed to accomodate your environment.

For comprehensive and detailed instructions on tuning your PRO-SERIES carburetor, please refer to the Tuning Manual included in your package. This dedicated manual provides step-by-step guidance, safety precautions, and tips for achieving optimal performance.

Unlock the full potential of your carburetor and enjoy a customized riding experience.

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