Bring Your Style To Life: A Guide to Get The Perfect Graphics For You

Are you ready to give your dirt bike a fresh new look? Adding graphics to your dirt bike not only boost its appearance but also reflects your personality and style on the track or road. Applying dirt bike graphics might seem like a hard task at first, but with the right guidance, you can transform your bike into a unique and personalized machine.

Before:                                            VS                                       After:


How To Choose the Right Graphics

Design Selection:

The first step is to decide on a design that resonates with you. Whether you prefer flashy colors, unique patterns, or a sleek minimalistic look, there are countless options available to suit your taste. Consider the overall looks you visualize for your bike before making a choice. We are here to make your dream graphics a reality so do not be afraid to select full custom graphics and give us some design freedom. We do make the amounts of designs that you need to become satisfied

Quality Matters:

Quality is our nr 1 priority and we do only use top notch materials to ensure good looks and durability. The graphics are tested in the hardest motocross, enduro and supermoto stunt conditions before we launched. This was to quality check our products and keep our promise. Quality is our mission


If you want a unique touch, explore our full custom graphic options. We do offer personalized designs, allowing you to show your own style and stand out from the crowd. As we have said before we design until you are satisfied with UNLIMITED revisions!

Step-by-Step Application Guide


  • Clean the bike thoroughly to remove any dirt, grease, or debris from the surface. Wash it and rinse the plastics with brake cleaner or pre decal cleaner.
  • Ensure the bike is completely dry before starting the application process.

Application Tools:

  • You'll need a heat gun or hairdryer to heat the graphics while and/or after the installation is complete.

Step 1: Placement and Alignment

  • Lay out the graphics on the bike without removing the backing to visualize their placement. A smart tip if it is your first time installing graphics can be to use masking tape or a friend to help you aline the graphics when applying.

Step 2: Application

  • Start applying the graphics from one end, gradually peeling the backing and using your hand, squeegee or any other technique/tools  to eliminate air bubbles as you go.
  • Use the heat gun or hairdryer to warm the graphics slightly, making them more pliable and aiding in adherence to curved surfaces.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

  • Once applied, go over the graphics again with your hand, a squeegee or any other techniques/tools to ensure a firm adhesion and remove any remaining air bubbles.
  • Also go over with a heat gun to ensure that the glue will work properly.
  • Keep the bike inside for the next 48 hours and do not risk getting dirt or debris under the graphics.

Maintenance Tips

Regular Cleaning:

  • Clean your bike regularly to prevent dirt buildup on the graphics, which can affect their longevity.

Protective Measures:

  • Consider using clear protective film in some areas over the graphics to safeguard them from scratches and wear.


  • Periodically check the graphics for any signs of lifting or peeling. Promptly reapply or replace any damaged sections to maintain the bike's aesthetic appeal.

Final Thoughts

Applying graphics to your dirt bike is a fantastic way to express yourself and make your bike uniquely yours. With attention to detail and patience during the application process, you can achieve a professional-looking finish that reflects your style.

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