Kong Designs X BAC 3D

For supermoto enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of customization, a thrilling partnership has emerged. Kong Designs and BAC 3D have joined forces, ushering in a new era of innovation and personalized excellence in the world of supermoto builds.

Kong Designs, renowned for its expertise in making graphics and stickers for motorcycles, and BAC 3D, a well known manufacturing specializing in supermoto protection parts, have teamed up to redefine the boundaries of personalized supermoto builds.

BAC 3D's journey began with a passionate mechanical engineering student's vision to enhance supermoto bikes. It all started with a search for specific custom-made axle sliders, a quest that turned into a venture when the ideal product couldn't be found. Armed with a 3D printer and a drive for perfection, the first custom parts were crafted—axle sliders and a plateholder—made to fit the different bikes. The immediate community interest in these customized parts led to the inception of BAC 3D.

Kong Designs, on the other hand, has been setting trends with its unique graphics and stickers for motorcycles, consistently delivering top-tier quality and exceptional service. Their passion for creating bespoke designs perfectly aligns with the vision of BAC 3D to elevate the aesthetics and performance of supermoto builds.

The partnership between Kong Designs and BAC 3D symbolizes a fusion of creativity, precision engineering, and a shared commitment to providing supermoto enthusiasts with the highest standards of customization.

At BAC 3D, every product is meticulously crafted using cutting-edge FDM technology, ensuring exceptional precision and quality in every layer. Their dedication to utilizing the industry's leading hardware from Prusa Research reflects a commitment to offering customers the finest quality and fit with every order.

Now, with Kong Designs as the exclusive dealer of BAC 3D's innovative custom parts in Norway, riders gain access to a diverse range of precisely crafted products that seamlessly integrate performance and style. Whether it's unique graphics or custom parts, this collaboration aims to empower riders to personalize their supermoto builds like never before.

The synergy between Kong Designs' visual artistry and BAC 3D's additive manufacturing prowess promises an unparalleled offering for supermoto enthusiasts in Norway and beyond. As both entities continue to innovate and push the boundaries of customization, riders can expect nothing short of exceptional products that elevate the riding experience to new heights.

For more information about Kong Designs and BAC 3D's partnership or to explore the latest offerings in custom graphics and supermoto parts, reach out to info@kongdesignz.com or visit https://kongdesignz.com/.

The partnership between Kong Designs and BAC 3D signifies not just a collaboration but a revolution—a commitment to empowering riders to turn their supermoto dreams into reality, one meticulously crafted part at a time.

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