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Warp 9 Supermotard Wheels

Warp 9 Supermotard Wheels

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- Quality Is Our Mission -

Warp 9 rims is the perfect combination of looks and quality that is essential to make your supermoto stand out from the rest.


The warp 9 rims is made of high quality aluminium with the colors of your choice. We will contact you after the order is recieved to get the information we need to process the order. You will be able to select rim, hub, spoke and spoke nipple color. Make sure to order the version.

We have 2 versions availeable. The first version gives the customer the choice of selecting rim and hub color from our different anodized colors and the second verison gives customer the choice of selecting rim, nipples, spokes and hub color from our anodized colors.

The anodized colors we have availeable is black, matte black, purple, blue, orange, green, red and gold. For the first version the spokes and nipples will be silver color.
Special Orders:
We also provide Warp 9 wheels that are tubeless, come with tires already installed, and much more. For any inquiries or to place special orders, please reach out to us via email at


Front rim= 17x3.5"
Rear rim= 17x4.25"
Wheels, brake discs and rear sprocket are provided in the kit to make it completely ready to use. The wheels are designed to fit your oem spacers. We are ready to help you complete your supermoto build.  Warp 9 is hand built in USA so please allow 4-6 weeks of build time. They are known for their top notch quality and will suit perfect with our product range.

- Quality Is Our Mission -

What is included:
Sprockets size: 45, 48, 50 and 52 
front brake disc: 320 mm
Rear brake disc: oem size

Production and delivery:
Every set of rims is special made for the customer so please allow about 4-6 weeks build time and the following shipping times:

Norway - 2-5 working days
Europe - 1-2 weeks (import tax may come)

Be aware that shipping can take less or more time than first expected. The shipping process is not controlled by us and is fully out of our control.


The photos are only a preview of the rims, the colors can be selected by you. Tires and tubes are not included.

USE ONLY MILD PH NEUTRAL SOAP for cleaning to prevent from chemical damaging!
After cleaning, please immediately rinse with clean water.
Use of acidic or alkaline cleaner/chemicals, solvents, and so on are PROHIBITED.
These may damage the anodizing layer causing corrosion, discoloration, stain, dullness, etc.
Damaged anodizing layer cannot be repaired, nor covered by warranty in case of inappropriate treatment.

The rims are made for supermoto and normal road use, if used for other activities waranty will not cover damages and problems that may come.

Must follow the maintenence instructions included in the kit. That will make your wheels long lasting. Enjoy!

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