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Semi custom graphics kit - "Husky Maniac"

Semi custom graphics kit - "Husky Maniac"

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Husky Maniac is a semi custom graphics kit for Husqvarna wr/sms 125 2007-2013. Colors are subject to change as desired at no additional costs. Here you can add the whole kit to chrome or holochrome and you will get a reflective surface that attracts attention and makes your bike special! If you are interested in a graphics kit that attracts attention, glitter (whether holographic or colored) is a cheap way to supply your demands! We offer holographic, blue, gold and orange glitter.

How does it work?

You will need to enter your email address upon payment and we will contact you to what colors you would like for the kit. When the design is modified after your wishes we will proof to your email so you can confirm before print
This kit will take 3-4 weeks of production and delivery time. The pictures includes some previewed colors.


It is incredibly important that this is read carefully so that you get your graphics exactly as you want it by purchasing you confirm that this is read and understood. If you have any questions contact us at

We do offer standard materials with glossy finish but also some amazing special effects materials. Lets check out the special materials we offer.


Special materials

We have done a lot of testing to be able to present these materials for sale for your graphics. This is to achieve the best results. We only sell items of the highest quality on the market. "Quaity is our mission"

Full chrome:

At the very highest level, we would recommend that you go with full chrome. It is a high quality material that will give a reflective effect and make it look like a mirror! Check out these pictures:



Full holochrome:

At the very highest level, we would recommend that you go with full holochrome. It is a high quality material that will give a reflective effect and gives it this hologram effect!Check out these pictures:         


Fluorescent Material:

Fluorescent (fluo) material is one material whose colors are much brighter and stronger. We offer yellow, red and orange fluo. Then you can get a full fluo kit in one of those colors. The design can only consist of the color and black with any silver or gold chrome detailes such as text.

Glitter Finish:

Glitter will give an incredibly cool shine all over the kit and is a very cheap way to make yout bike unique. We offer holographic, gold, blue and orange glitter. In the pictures you see holographic glitter. Holographic glitter changes color from angle and point of view.

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